Friday, January 29, 2010

Writing Scripts

I'm the spontaneous thinker with wild ideas flowing through my silly little head all day long. For no good reason, I can craft up the most random of situations and then BAM!, we have a starting point (you'll know what I mean if you continue reading). Jake is the logical and organized thinker, he makes sense, and most of all, he's witty. This is why we like to write comedic scripts together. We are a yin and yang of sorts- but together, we are a powerhouse for crafting funny lines met with funny choreography.

Jake inspired me to get involved in Theater for Charity after he joined during the first semester of our freshman year at Cal. He told me to audition, and the next thing I knew, I was a dancer for the upcoming show. Over a year later, he holds a board position and before we know it, he'll be making box office hits in Hollywood, going out to lunch with Beyonce, Stephen Spielberg, and Lindsay Lohan AT THE SAME TIME!

Long story short, we spent a few hours yesterday making our script perfectly equipped for submission into the running for Theater for Charity's upcoming "adventure" themed show. We are going to submit our script to the T4C (Theater for Charity) creative team, and we'll keep our fingers crossed that our script gets chosen! If so, we'll have a two for two record within the club and our prowess will continue to grow within the performing arts community here in Berkeley. Our next step will be casting actors an actresses to bring life, bodies, and voices to our piece, and then we'll be world famous and take over the world! (...we wish).

I'll leave you with this bit of inspiration for your day... During your quest to cultivate long lasting friendships, be inspired by the yin yang. By finding other people to complement your own unique personality and strengths, you will learn more about yourself, your strengths, and your weaknesses. EMBRACE THE DIFFERENCES you find between you and your friends, and learn something new about yourself!



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