Wednesday, January 13, 2010

First Post EVER! let's give this blogging thing a try...

As we made breakfast together this morning in Jake's kitchen, one thing was certain: we are pathetically adorable (is that possible?) Combining random findings from our respective kitchens to create the delicious omelette and fruit salad we ate for breakfast (despite my tardy arrival to Jake's lovely abode), our years of working together in the kitchen came together as we minded our own business and took on the task at hand. I brought over some homemade pizza from the night before and felt silly because Jake's dislike for cheese totally slipped my mind! Regardless, we both felt satisfied after eating our tasty meal. I thoroughly enjoyed perusing the web with Jake after we finished eating as we researched why the heck the Kardashians are famous, who Hugh Heffner has wed (he's quite a player!), and realizing that he has two kids nearly 50 years older than the most recent other two!

Then we headed to Beverly Hills where we hit up the Urth Cafe and spotted a fellow Cal student. Our Cal/Berkeley sweatshirts were I'm sure the talk of the town. From there we headed over to get Jake's hair cut... and his barber told me to chop all of my hair off (what a good guy... I think), but where Jake actually DID chop his hair off!

All in a day's time, we accomplished much bonding... now back to Berkeley we go, to continue living out our funny and sometimes obsolete existence :)


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