Friday, January 29, 2010

Bitchy Thursday

So I'm introducing the world to the phenomenon of Bitchy Thursday. This is kinda a big deal.

Hanging out with friends is an amazing way to blow off some steam, discuss personal issues, and sometimes just plain bitch. So my friend, Sivan, and I have actually planned a weekly ritual around the act of bitching- deemed BITCHY THURSDAY. From 1 to 2, on the steps of the liberal, accepting spirit that is Sproul Hall, we allow the superficial, judgy, obnoxious, and frustrated parts of ourselves to glimpse at the world (I'm from LA so they're not that hidden...) Our time together is fun and therapeutic and allows us to talk through issues- sometimes petty disagreements with roommates or unnecessary comments about certain individuals- but at other times it is a forum to talk through personal struggles with the help of a friend.

And I know that this sounds like an odd- and some might argue self-indulgent- ritual but at its core it is just another way to make sure I see one of my closest friends every week. And we are really are good people- but if you run into between 1 and 2 on a Thursday....I'd just keep walking. It gets pretty ugly.

And for the record- the name "Bitchy Thursday" in copyrighted in 14 states and legal action will be taken against the use of said word in a court of law.



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