Monday, January 18, 2010

Friendship is NOT temporary

We're back in Berkeley! The land of hippies, unpredictable weather (my Converse found themselves taking a swim this morning in front of the bookstore), and classes, Classes, CLASSES! It's at this interlude..the few days after we come back from our adventures either at school or at home..that we're able to step back and really understand the people, the life, and the culture of which we are a part.

We're at a unique moment in our lives where life seems temporary...we spend a few months at school reading and writing and partying...fueled by caffeine and the occasional night's sleep. And then we're back to our old, trendy restaurants, sleep that isn't crudely interrupted by the all too punctual alarm clock. We shop for ourselves, manage our budgets, cook our own meals, navigate through the public transportation system (Go Bart! [I'm in their commercial]) and are then able to retreat to meals at home, our own cars, and our old lives...a comfort mixed with the sting of what we know is at this point only temporary.

And being in these two places...arguably polar us the ability to play the parts of actors in our own play. We become who we were..who we are..while a little voice challenges us to figure out where we belong. And it's exhausting trying to make sense of it all- but what has not been temporary, what does not change on a monthly basis, and what has never been an act is my friendship with Rachel. And that's when I remember who I am.



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